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Article 56

نشأة وتطور علم القراءات القرآنية في شبه القارة الهندية

Amtul Aziz Abubakar International Islamic University Abubakar National University of Midren Languages, Islamabad Keywords: قرآن, التراث الاسلامی, شبه القارة الهندية, تلاوۃ, علم القراءات Abstract Al-Qira’at, is “a science that searches for how to pronounce the words of the Holy Qur’an.” Its subject is the words of the Qur’an in terms …

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بلاغة الإطناب في الخطاب النبوي وأثرها في نظم الكلام والمعنى (دراسة تحليلية بلاغية)

Muhammad Amin Lecturer The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Dr. Fazlullah Dean faculty of Arabic- IIUIN Keywords: البلاغة, الاطناب, الخطاب النبوي, نظم الكلام Abstract The rhetoric is the beauty of speech, and it is an expression of the speaker’s use of words, sentences, and verbal structures in accordance with the state …

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ڈی این اے رپورٹ: شرعی اور قانونی حیثیت

Hafeez Arshad Hashmi hed Keywords: ڈی این اے, رانزک رپورٹ, شرعی حیثیت, قانونی حیثیت Abstract The religion of Islam is an eternal religion. Its teachings will remain until the Resurrection. The shariah of Islam has solutions to all the modern problems arising from the growing development of the world, which …

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سیرتِ حضرت حمزہؓ کا تاریخی و تحلیلی جائزہ

Muhammad.RIaz Malik University of Baltistan Skardu Keywords: حضرت حمزہؓ, سیرت, تاریخ, سید الشہداء, اسد رسول اللہ Abstract Among Prophet (PBUH) companions, Hazrat Hamza (RA) is prominent in two aspects. He is dear to the the holy propht. And possess almost perfect personal attributes.  So, it is important in Islamic history …

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تفسیرفہم القرآن کی روشنی میں غزوہ تبوک سے متعلق روایاتِ سیرت کاتجزیاتی مطالعہ

Shah Perviz Abdu wali khan universty mardan Keywords: غزوہ تبوک کی عصری معنویت, ،تفسیرفہم القرآن, فہم القرآن, میاں محمد جمیل Abstract Every aspect of the Holy Prophet’s life is a beacon for us. One of the most important events in Holy prophet’s life and career is connected with the Battle …

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