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Quarterly NOOR-E-MARFAT is a religious research journal with a vision is to establish research-based Islamic civilization. Its mission is to quench the thirst for knowledge through mentoring researchers and publishing research papers. It is being published since 2007. Its first 6 issues were published on biannual basis (only for members). Since 2010 it is being published on quarterly basis. This journal was approved by HEC in Y category in March 2020 and it has been listed in HJRS for the Years 2020-21 and 2021-2022. This journal publishes the articles from Islamic perspective on Quranic sciences, Hadith (Tradition), Islamic jurisprudence, Principles of jurisprudence, Islamic history, Comparative religions, Education and Pedagogy, Divine literature, Divine Economics, Sociology, Islamic Political Thought, Iqbalogy (Iqbaliyat), Islamic culture and civilization, Islamic law and principles of law and so forth. It also publishes books reviews. The policy of the journal is to publish research-based articles that propose solutions to the intellectual and practical problems of modern era.



eISSN: 2710-3463

pISSN: 2221-1659

Frequency: October to December, 2023

Editor: Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Hasnain Nadir

Current Issue
Vol 14 No 4 (2023): Quarterly Social & Religious Research Journal Noor-e-Marfat

62th serial issue of the qr. Noor-e-Ma’rfat contains 6 articles with 2 editorials (Urdu-English).


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Eng. Editorial
Dr. Hasnain Nadir Shaikh

Ed. (Urdu) اداریہ
Dr. Hasnain Nadir Shaikh


“حیات طیبہ” تقویٰ، پاکیزگی اور توبہ کے سائے میں
“Pure Life” in the shadow of Piety, Cleanliness and Repentance

Dr. Muhammad Furqan Gohar

کلام امام علیؑ میں اعتدال کے نمونے
Patterns of Moderation in Imam Ali’s Sayings
Mrs. Sadia

قرآن میں معاشی تربیت کے لیے الہی سنّتیں ‏
Divine Traditions for the Economic Education in Quran
Dr.Ghulam Abbas

تیسری صدی ہجری تک کے شیعہ سیرت و تاریخ نویس
Shia Biographers & Historians up to the 3rd Century(AH)
Rasool Jafarian

“اصول فلسفہ و روش رئالیسم ” – چند صفحات کا مطالعہ (1)
Study of few Pages from “The Laws of Philosophy & Methodology of Realism” (1)
Dr. Abou Hadi

ذکری فرقہ: تاریخ، عقائد و رسوم
Zikri Sect: History, Beliefs and Traditions
Amjad Abbas Mufti