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HEC Approved in Y category Quarterly NOOR-E-MARFAT is a Religious Research Journal with a vision is to establish research-based Islamic civilization. Its mission is to quench the thirst for knowledge through mentoring researchers and publishing research papers. It is being published since 2007. It publishes the articles from Islamic perspective on Quranic sciences, Hadith (Tradition), Islamic jurisprudence, Principles of jurisprudence, Islamic history, Comparative religions, Education and Pedagogy, Divine literature, Divine Economics, Sociology, Islamic Political Thought, Iqbalogy (Iqbaliyat), Islamic culture and civilization, Islamic law and principles of law and so forth. It also publishes books reviews. The policy of the journal is to publish research-based articles that propose solutions to the intellectual and practical problems of modern era.

eISSN: 2710-3463

pISSN: 2221-1659

Frequency: April to June 2022

Editor: Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Hasnain Nadir

Current Issue
Vol 13 No 2 (2022): Quarterly Social & Religious Research Journal Noor-e-Marfat

56th serial issue of the qr. Noor-e-Ma’rfat contains 9 articles with 2 editorials (Urdu-English).

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قرآن مجید اور تیتریہ اپنشد کے الہیانہ تصوّرات کا موازنہ
A Comparison of the Theological Concepts of Taittiriya Upanishad and The Holy Quran

Dr.Aasia Rashid

تین قرآنی آیات: امام ابو عمروؒ کی قراءت کے تفسیری اثرات
Quranic Verses: The Interpretative Effects of the Recitation of Imam Abu Amr(R.A)

Qari Abdul Nasir

غزوہ تبوک سے متعلق روایات سیرت کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

Sirah Narrations Related to the Battke if Tabuk (In the Light of Tafsir Fahmu-ul-Quran)

Shah Perviz

سیرت حضرت حمزہؓ کا تریخی و تحلیلی جائزہ

Historical and Analytical Review of the Biography of Hazrat Hamza (R.A)

Dr.Muhammad Riaz

ڈی این اے رپورٹ: قانونی اور شرعی حیثیت

DNA Report: Lega & Shariah Status

Hafeez Arshad Hashmi

انتظامیہ کا جدید تصور اور اس کی اسلامی بنیادیں

Modern Concept of Administration and its Islamic Bases

Tahmina Fazil

بلاغة الإطناب في الخطاب النبوي وأثرها في نظم الكلام والمعنىی

The Rhetoric of Verbosity in the Prophetic Discourse and its Impact on Speech Systems and Meanings

Muhammad Ameen

الدراسة اللغویۃ لسورۃ الفاتحۃ من ناحية المستويات المختلفة

Linguistic Study of Surat Al-Fatih at the Different Levels


نشأة وتطور علم القراءات القرآنية في شبه القارة الهندية

The Emergence and Development of the Ilam Al-Qiraat in the Indian Subcontinent

Amtul Aziz