The mission of the journal is to illuminate the minds of common
people, to satisfy the academic needs of highly-educated stratum of the
country, to facilitate researchers and to instill the spirit of research in
teachers and students of universities, Islamic seminaries (madaris), and
educational centers. The journal has consistently been published since 2007. 49
issues, including 424 articles, of the journal have been published. The journal
publishes articles from Islamic perspective on Quranic sciences, hadith
(Tradition), Islamic jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, Islamic
history, comparative religions, education and pedagogy, literature, economics,
sociology, political science, Iqbalogy (Iqbaliyat), culture and civilization,
law and principles of law and so forth. It also publishes book reviews. The
policy of the journal is to publish research-based articles that propose
solutions to the intellectual and practical problems of modern era. Only those
articles are published in the journal that follow the guidelines for authors.