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Review & Publication Policy

Scope of Publication

Quarterly Noor-e-Marfat publishes articles from Islamic perspective on Quranic sciences, hadith (Tradition), Islamic jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, Islamic history, comparative religions, education and pedagogy, literature, economics, sociology, political science, Iqbalogy (Iqbaliyat), culture and civilization, law and principles of law and so forth. It also publishes books reviews. The policy of the journal is to publish research-based articles that propose solutions to the intellectual and practical problems of modern era. Only those articles are published in the journal that follow the guidelines for authors.

Aims & Objectives

Quarterly NOOR-E-MARFAT is published to obtain given below aims & objectives:

  1. To provide literature needed for solidarity and integrity of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  2. To help scholars and researchers through data facts and figures.
  3. To create cohesion between the ancient and the new branches of knowledge.
  4. To create inter and intra faith harmony and cordial atmosphere between scholars of the branches of knowledge so that they can mutually, benefit from each other’s researches and findings.
  5. To create harmony with research institutions and centers and to exchange their findings and researches.
  6. To provide possible help to universities, research centers, educational institutions and scholars to carry out their academic and research missions.
  7. To carry out research for development of high standard education and share it with educational institutions.


As per HEC policy, Publications by Editor and members of Editorial Board are not allowed.

Publication Criteria

Quarterly Noor-e-Marfat only publishes those article that meet research methodology standards. If an article is out of scope, non-scholarly composed, lacking research methodology, containing more than 18% plagiarism, out of proper format and guidelines for authors, contradicting with any one of aims & objectives defined up, it would be rejected.

Review Policy

All submitted articles are reviewed against given below orbits:

  • Importance and Nature of the article (How much Innovative is the title of article? Weather it addresses some unsolved Social, Religious or Educational questions?)
  • Research Methodology & Script Style (Dose this article meet Research Methodology standards, utilize original (primary) and diverse sources of data, logical coherence and connectivity in the text)
  • Utility (Dose this article meet some Social, Religious or Educational needs of the society?)