Review & Publication Policy

For in-time and error-free publication of the Journal, following strategy for the revision and printing of the articles is followed:

Soon after the arrival of any article, the editor determines whether the received article is worthy of publication. If the article needs some modifications, Editor refers it to Associate Editor either for editing by author or by himself.

After the necessary modifications, Associate Editor refers the article to composer for further process. The composer prepares and sends Semi Final draft of the received article back to Associate Editor.

Associate Editor examines the Semi Final draft and make necessary modification. He then send it to the Editor.

If editor see more modifications necessary, he give the task to Associate Editor or composer to do so. At return Editor makes any amendment if draft if necessary and gives the approval for final draft.

After the final draft is ready, the editor sends it to director NMT and Editor in chief for approval of publication. After his approval, the journal is published.