NMT At a Glance

Noor-ul-Huda Markaz-e-Tahqeeqat (NMT) is a research institute. Its vision is to establish the rule of Islamic civilization in Pakistan. The mission of NMT is to disseminate true teachings of Islam and to develop religious awareness in the people of Pakistan. The activities of NMT are confined exclusively to academic and research domains. NMT believes in Islamic unity, inter-sectarian harmony, positive criticism, dialogue and bilateral understanding between civilizations. So NMT is committed to appreciate any research that is in accord with its mission and encourages research works through publication.

In the research approach of the NMT, the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah (acquired through the Imams from the Prophet’s Household) are basic sources of induction and deduction. In inferring Islamic teachings from the two above-mentioned sources, NMT favors the approach which drawn in rational argumentation, logical analogy, and “Ijtihad” (dialectical reasoning). So far, it has published 13 books on different topics and 44 issues of the Quarterly Noor-e Marfat. To continue such activities in line with its mission, NMT is in need of academic cooperation of scholars, ulama, authors and financial assistance of knowledge-loving people.