Guidelines for the Authors

Queerly social/religious and research journal “Noor-e Marfat” publishes articles as per the standards of HEC. The journal is published four times in a year (January, April, July, and October). The articles sent for publication in this journal shouldn’t be submitted to any other journal until they are notified of acceptance or rejection. All articles should be send to the editor of the journal on The following conditions must be fulfilled before sending articles to the editor.

Articles must be research-based and academic. They must be written in accordance with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s approved CMOS style of writing. For details visit: 

Articles must be unpublished and preferably composed. They must not involve plagiarism or intellectual theft. Original sources must be used in writing articles.

Articles must not exceed 25 pages. Those article are preferred which are about topics, proposed by editorial board.

Articles must be comprised of key words, both in Urdu and English, and abstracts. Abstracts must not exceed 150 words.

Compose article in MS Word: page size A4, font Alvi Nastaleeq, font size 14.

Articles should start with an abstract, both in Urdu and English, of 150-200. Abstracts should follow modern principles of research and should include a brief introduction of the title, statement of the problem, research methodology, and conclusion.

English and Urdu key words must follow abstracts of English and Urdu articles, respectively.

Quarterly Noor-e-Marfat is neither obliged to resend rejected articles, nor duty-bound to explain the causes of rejection.

Quarterly Noor-e-Marfat doesn’t necessary agree with all the views of an authors. It, therefore, reserves the right to make necessary modifications to the article to make it more attractive or publishable.

Authors are requested to write their full names, postal address, contact numbers (home, office, and fax), emails, and the date of sending in the first page of their articles.